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My Xbox 360 requires flashing?

We do not offer Xbox 360 modifications or flashing for Taunton of any kind due to anti piracy 2.5 updates.

Attempts to modify your firmware can result in a permanent ban from Xbox Live.

How long will it take to collect and repair my Xbox 360 in Taunton?

We will collect your Xbox 360, repair it and deliver it back to you within 5 working days for most cases.

If the Xbox 360 repair takes longer to diagnose and repair, then we will contact you back.

My Xbox 360 in Taunton is no longer ejecting discs?

We offer Xbox 360 repairs Taunton for faulty Xbox 360 drive mechanisms.

Do you have a Xbox 360 repair shop in Taunton?

We have one main repair centre that covers the entire UK including Somerset.

We offer you insured collection and delivery from your home or workplace in Taunton.

Area covered : Taunton

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This map illustrates Taunton. We may only cover Taunton area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Xbox 360 Repairs Taunton

We make Xbox 360 repairs for Taunton easy and hassle free, by offering a nationwide collection and delivery from your address in Taunton via insured couriers.

The experienced team can service the whole of the UK, including Taunton for Xbox 360 repairs. All Xbox repairs for Taunton and Somerset are completed at one of the modern service centres, by experienced technicians.

The engineers use only the highest quality Xbox 360 replacement parts and repair equipment for every Xbox 360 repair, ensuring it is done to the highest possible standard.

Call now during business hours for Xbox 360 repairs Taunton by courier collection. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the team via the online form, and they will respond to your query by phone or email.

The engineers do not offer Xbox 360 flashing or modifications for Taunton.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair Taunton in Somerset

Affordable Xbox 360 repairs for Taunton and Somerset via insured couriers to a fully equipped repair centre.

The fully trained engineers have years of experience in the game console repair industry for both trade and home customers. They pride themselves on delivering an exceptional Xbox 360 repair service for our customers across the whole of the UK.

Professional Xbox 360 repairs for Taunton are provided, using industry approved repair equipment and high quality Xbox 360 replacement parts, to ensure a reliable and long lasting repair.

Common Xbox 360 repairs include:

• Red Ring of Death / 3 Flashing Lights
• E74 Error Code
• No Power
• Disc Tray Problem
• Not Reading Games
• HDMI Port Repair

The engineers also offer an Xbox 360 maintenance service which includes fully disassembling and cleaning your Xbox 360 console to a manufacturer approved standard, whilst repairing any loose or worn component parts.

Call now, or fill in the online form to book your Xbox 360 repair. A member of the team will get back to you shortly to discuss the fault and arrange for collection of your Xbox.

Recent Testimonials

a fast, efficient and professional service. great communication throughout.

Score 5 out of 5

one fixed xbox - one happy son :)

Score 5 out of 5

very organised and proffesional xbox picked up repaired and delivered back within a few days

Score 4.8 out of 5

the guy"s were great. their courier picked up my console the same day, it was back within a week and now works perfectly. their prices are very competitive and everyone i spoke to knew what they where talking about. i will definitely use them if i my console breaks again.

thanks guy"s!

Score 5 out of 5

the person i spoke to was very knowledgeable and articulate, and gave excellent advice, enabling me to make an informed decision as to the best way forward. i would certainly recommend to others with console issues (and you are welcome to quote me on that).

Score 4.8 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

disc tray grinding noise occurs when discs are entered but the disc dies not scratch. unable to play game as a result.


how much would this cost??


xbox elite when xbox is turned on three red lights flash and console doesn`t work.


simple dvd drive replacement estimate gbp30 can i bring it in open and have it done there and then as i have reservations about sending my xbox to a internet company


disc tray jammed wont open out properly


just stuck wont open or close .


dvd drive only opens 14 of the way then stops and does not close fully


not reading my disc because its scrached


the xbox says when i put a xbox game in it open tray. i open and close again and it does the same thing.